SEM676D Wheel Loader
SEM676D Wheel Loader
SEM676D Wheel Loader
SEM676D Wheel Loader
SEM676D Wheel Loader

Item specifics

Operating weight
Bucket capacity
Engine power
Minimum Turning Radius Over Bucket




The SEM676D wheel loader can be widely used in ports, mines, steel mills and large construction sites to provide efficient and fast solutions;Especially suitable for loading and transferring loose materials such as iron ore powder, coal and sand and stone.

Easy to Operate 


  • FNR (Forward-Neutral- Reverse) controller and KD (Kick Down) button integrated on pilot control, which makes operation easier          
  • 2nd-4th automatic gearshift and E-control automatic leveling function improve operating efficiency and comfort
  • World-class large displacement coaxial flow steering unit for better maneuverability  
  • Large interior space and excellent visibility on the integrally molded cab, and fresh air pressurization function for improved ventilation

Low Operating Cost 

  • Weichai Stage III engine and 2 adjustable power modes to meet different application needs 
  • Single load sensing hydraulic system supplies flow and pressure only when required, which saves fuel by 8%-12%  
  • Performance series bucket loads more and makes it easier to dig into the pile, therefore reducing fuel consumption  
  • Caterpillar split pump technology supplies oil separately to transmission and torque conver, resulting in 6% savings in fuel 

Proven Reliability           

    • Highly reliable Caterpillar designed and manufactured electrohydraulic control transmission  
    • Smooth gearshift and self-protection function ensures durability of transmission 
    • SEM customized Weichai engine delivers optimal power and productivity

Ease of Maintenance           

    • Centralized lubrication points and optional automatic lubrication system to reduce maintenance time
    • Pressure test ports for improved diagnosis and oil sampling
    • long-span articulation design ensures ease of maintenance without additional space requirement on site  
    • Simple and reliable powertrain design to ensure low customer O&O (Owning & Operating) costs 
    • Wide angle engine hood for easy access to maintenance and service points 
    • 330L super-large fuel tank extends operating hours before refilling

Operational Safety                                                                                              

  • Gear lock ensures that machine can only be started when it is in neutral 
  • Dual-circuit brake system and optional brake dryer to improve machine safety  
  • Three-point contact design when entering or exiting the equipment 
  • Maintenance-free battery, backup alarm and beacon light to ensure safety of operator  
  • Six front and four rear brake calipers for excellent braking performance and reduce risk of overheating 
  • Optional rear camera for enhanced visibility