Winter New Energy Vehicles Maintenance Guide

Winter New Energy Vehicles Maintenance Guide


Plunging temperatures can affect your vehicle, but fear not, here's our EV winter guide.

Winter New Energy Vehicles Maintenance Guide
Plunging temperatures can affect your vehicle, but fear not, here's our EV winter guide.

Tire Pressure

If one or more tires are low on air pressure, inflate them to the automaker's recommended PSI. You can find this information on a sticker on the driver's side doorjamb.

All cars, whether they run on gasoline or kilowatts, are less energy efficient in cold weather. A typical internal combustion engine car can see it's gas mileage drop by around 20% when it's cold, and the effect is more pronounced on electric vehicles.

Battery Efficiency

Temperatures below 0℃ can affect your new energy vehicles' battery performance and ability to charge, so we offer the following tips to minimize this effect:

- When not using your EV, store it in your garage to help protect it from the elements.
- If you don't have a garage or are away from home, park your car in the sun to keep it warm.
- If you have a home charger, keep the vehicle plugged in at all times to ensure the battery is fully charged.
If your vehicle has to precondition, enable it (usually via a smartphone app) before hitting the road.
- Limit the use of the heater while driving. Set the temperature as low as possible instead of relying on your car's heated seats and heated steering wheel (if equipped), which use less electricity.
- If your car has a selectable "Eco" mode that adjusts performance parameters to preserve battery range, be sure to enable it.
If your car allows you to adjust more or less regenerative braking, set it to maximum power so that more power is returned to the battery when parked.
- Try to limit your speed when driving in cold weather.

Winter Driving

In icy conditions, your stopping distance will increase significantly. Make sure to maintain at least a 10-second gap from the car in front of you instead of the usual 2 seconds. If conditions are particularly difficult, travel only when absolutely necessary.

Remember to pack something in your car before heading out in colder conditions, it's always better to be prepared!

First aid kit

Reflective vests 

Ice scrapers and deicers

Spare blankets to keep warm in case of breakdown

Be careful with flashlights and spare batteries.

The above introduces some tips for maintaining new energy vehicles in winter. If you want to buy new energy vehicles, please contact us.

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