VOYAH FREE - Premium Pre-Owned Electric SUV
VOYAH FREE - Premium Pre-Owned Electric SUV
VOYAH FREE - Premium Pre-Owned Electric SUV
VOYAH FREE - Premium Pre-Owned Electric SUV
VOYAH FREE - Premium Pre-Owned Electric SUV
VOYAH FREE - Premium Pre-Owned Electric SUV
2024 Ultra Long Range Intelligent Driving Edition



The suspension structure of the same Porsche Macan model

The front suspension of Lantu FREE is a double wishbone independent suspension, and the rear suspension is a multi link independent suspension. This double wishbone front suspension bearing seat has a double ball joint structure at the upper and lower points, which makes the front wheel main pin closer to the front wheel center surface, reduces the main pin offset distance, and is conducive to reducing the interference torque of uneven road surface and wheel dynamic imbalance on the steering system, making the steering feel more stable and comfortable. At the same time, the front wheel master pin can balance handling performance and comfort performance better with reasonable tuning based on the dynamic changes in wheel steering angle and body roll.


VOYAH FREE Central control screen

VOYAH FREE Auto Car keys

VOYAH FREE Auto Front seat

VOYAH FREE Auto tire

VOYAH FREE Auto rear seat

VOYAH FREE Auto Sunroof

Air suspension control system and body height adjustment amplitude
The air suspension of VOYAH FREE consists of front air spring, rear air spring, controller, air pump, distribution valve assembly, vehicle height sensor, main and auxiliary air reservoirs, pipelines, etc. Through the body height sensor, the system can know the height of the air suspension, thereby achieving closed-loop adjustment of the body height. This air suspension system was jointly developed by Lantu and its partners, sharing intellectual property rights. Its durability standard reaches 1.5 times the industry standard, ensuring that the air spring has a lifespan of 5.6 million vibrations and good high and low temperature alternating durability performance.
VOYAH FREE Auto battery
The amber battery is currently installed on the VOYAH FREE pure electric version, while the mica battery is used on the extended range version. Although there are differences in structure and materials between the two, their ultimate goal is the same - to protect the safety and stability of the battery cells. Lantu named these two battery technologies "3D insulation wall", which not only meets the new national standard's requirement of "no fire in 5 minutes", but also achieves a 30 minute no fire. Even after undergoing a thermal diffusion test on the battery system, it remains stationary for 50 days without catching fire or exploding.
VOYAH FREE Auto internal structure
VOYAH FREE  Auto Internal Configuration
The VOYAH FREE extended range version is equipped with a 1.5T four cylinder engine, matched with a maximum power of 80kW generator. The front and rear dual motors have a maximum power of 510kW and a peak torque of 1040N · m. The 0-100km/h acceleration time extended range version is 4.5 seconds, the pure electric version is 4.7 seconds, and the ultra long endurance pure electric version is 4.4 seconds. The body adopts aerodynamic design with a drag coefficient of 0.28cd. The body is equipped with front double wishbone/rear multi link independent suspension, and is made of all aluminum alloy material. The car's configuration also includes 12 way electric adjustment of the front seats, seat ventilation, heating, massage functions, and Dana HIFI high fidelity audio system
In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with heated steering wheel, HiCar infotainment system in cooperation with Huawei, rear seat monitoring, transparent chassis, wireless charging for mobile phones, sunroof opening, heated and ventilated front seats, and driver's seat memory. In terms of power system, the Lantu FREE two wheel drive pure electric city version is only equipped with a single motor, with a maximum power of 255kW and a maximum torque of 520N · m. It is equipped with a battery pack capacity of 88kWh and a range of 505km.