XCMG DXA5180GQXSC6 High pressure cleaning truck China 2022
XCMG  DXA5180GQXSC6  High pressure cleaning truck  China 2022
XCMG DXA5180GQXSC6 High pressure cleaning truck

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XCMG  DXA5180GQXSC6  High pressure cleaning truck
High pressure cleaning truck DXA5180GQXSC6
 XCMG  DXA5180GQXSC6  High pressure cleaning truck


It has two sets of independent waterway systems, high pressure for cleaning pavement, curbs, sidewalks and guardrail isolation areas, and low pressure for watering for dust reduction and greening. High pressure spray gun can also be used to clean road signs, billboards, elevated roads, etc.


High achievement, low achievement, strength cleaning 

The high-pressure system makes full use of the kinetic energy of high-pressure water flow to clean the dirt on the road in a high pressure and low flow way, which is efficient and water saving. The low-pressure system has the functions of road surface watering, cooling, dedusting, flushing dust and dirt, road surface maintenance, garden watering and emergency fire protection.


Larger water tank, more powerful 

Elliptical water tank and wave plate in the pipe can reduce the impact of water. The maximum cleaning pressure reaches 13MPa, the maximum cleaning width reaches 3.5m, and the cleaning water flow reaches 150L/min.


Flexible control and strong adaptability 

It has the modes of front spraying, hedging, rear spraying and washing, up and down spray, etc. The cab of each cleaning point can be controlled separately, which improves the operation flexibility and adaptability to specific working conditions.


Safe and reliable operation 

The clear water tank is equipped with a low water level alarm device and a water pump water shortage protection interlock device to prevent damage to the high-pressure water pump due to water shortage.

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The pertormance parameters
Effective volume of tank
Watering width
Flushing width
Nozzle flushing system pressure
Nozzle flushing flow
Water cannon range
Water absorption depth